Big Presentations in Small Rooms helps ordinary people communicate with extraordinary effectiveness.

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Big Presentations in Small Rooms

Ineffective communication is costly.

The price is paid in lost business and damaged relationships. In every area of experience, quality of life is affected by the quality of communication. Without proper training, we can create painful problems.

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Big Presentations in Small Rooms lead to greater success and less stress.

Consistency in application leads to a reputation as a reliable source of information and guidance.

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Your value in the workplace will increase along with your reputation.

Big Presentations in Small Rooms

Trainer and speaker Michael Gibson uses engaging stories to teach listeners how to significantly improve their ability to inform and influence audiences at work, home, school, and volunteer environments.  He will help you create, prepare, and deliver Big Presentation in Small Rooms.

Michael’s narrative approach captures your attention as you learn from the successes and failures of experienced presenters. The stories are supported by research that helps you choose the most effective approach for your presentation. From the time an opportunity arrives to the time when you look back on a completed presentation, Michael’s instruction will guide you each step of the way.

Whether you are presenting a simple update, introducing a new idea, selling a product, requesting additional resources, or lobbying for a top position, Big Presentations in Small Rooms will equip you to stand and speak with well-prepared, well-practiced confidence.