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About Mike

Mike Gibson, presenter, trainer, author

Hello! My name is Mike. I am a husband, father, friend, author, trainer, facilitator and presenter.

It is an honor to help people deliver Big Presentations in Small Rooms.  When these presentations are given, it is a breath of fresh air!

Workplace presentations can be a beat down for everyone involved.  Unwanted work for the presenter.  Unwanted time loss for the audience.  Unwanted stress and frustration for everyone. 

You don’t want this!

Thankfully, there is hope.  Presenters can deliver helpful and time-efficient information.  They can overcome the fear of speaking and become comfortable being up front.  Audience members benefit from the informative presentations and don’t feel like they are wasting time!

You can become the person whom people are relieved to see.  Because you developed the skill of giving big presentations in small rooms, people trust you and can hear what you have to say.  They will see you walk in and think, “Oh good.  I was hoping it would be you!”

This public speaking ability is within reach.  You can do it!  I can help!

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Mike Gibson is a facilitator and instructional designer. He develops and presents materials for live classes and online classes.  Mike has been writing and teaching for twenty-five years. Mike has facilitated training across multiple organizational levels in corporations, municipalities, and non-profits.  He has led over 800 live classes, and his online classes have reached thousands of employees.  Mike has trained trainers and speakers for municipalities across Texas. Mike lives with his wife in Fort Worth, TX.  The four kids are now adults!  Mike’s free time is invested in family adventures and volunteer opportunities. Mike is the author of the book Big Presentations in Small Rooms. He wrote this book out of a desire to help others develop the ability to give awesome presentations that are beneficial to both the presenter and the audience. In addition to his book, Mike is also available to provide speeches and live classes for your organization. Contact me for more information.


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Classes For You And Your Organization:

  • How To Deliver Big Presentations In Small Rooms
  • How To Deliver Big Presentations In Virtual Rooms (Online Presentations)
  • How To Make Meetings More Effective

Full Biography

Big Presentations in Small Rooms

Mike Gibson’s experience spans multiple fields connected by a few common threads.  He spent years in ministry, public school teaching, non-profit programming, professional development training, and instructional design.  The common threads are encouragement, communication, and development. 

Mike’s work guides thousands of people across multiple settings.  He helps organizations improve workplace culture and then improve the performance within that culture.  Mike’s curriculum and teaching is used by a variety of live trainers and is featured in online learning libraries.

Mike’s book Big Presentation in Small Rooms is available for purchase on  The blog for the book is at Read it here.