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3 Practical Things To Remember When Developing Presentation Skills

When Developing Presentation Skills, Remember These Things.

Aaron discovered a love for rock climbing. He wanted to be good at it. The interest and desire marked the beginning of a journey. Along the way he has found resources and a community. He is developing that skill.

Many people feel that presentation skills are something a person is born with. You either got it or you don’t. This is not true. Like rock climbing, presentations involve skill. You can pursue that skill. Here are three things to remember when developing presentation skills.

1. You Are on a Journey.

This adventure of developing presentation skills has ups and downs, frustrations and delights, successes, and failures. And much learning. There is no doubt that you will face difficulties along the way. You may be reading this blog because of a challenge you are currently facing –communicating a big idea in a small room. You are not alone. Every person is on a journey. Every person will face challenges along the way.

The journey of developing presentation skills

This resource is like a mentor, a trail guide for your trek. If you allow it to instruct you, you will experience more success, and this guide will prove valuable. And then, as you present your big idea in a small room, you will function as a guide. Like you, each person in your audience is on a journey. If you can make that journey more effective or more meaningful, then you will prove valuable. You can help others in developing presentation skills as well as other skills you possess.


2. You Have Shareable Resources.

Every traveler has a backpack containing knowledge, experience, and wisdom. These resources are not finite, and they do not diminish with use. While developing presentation skills, you can share the content without fear of running out. You will discover that the more you share, the more other people are willing to share with you. Instead of running out, your backpack fills up even more.

Developing presentation skills is like learning to climb up a cliff.

This blog is an excellent example. As I write, I am having countless conversations. Each conversation is an exchange. I share things I have learned, and my knowledge increases as people share their stories with me. Most of the narratives in this blog will come from those conversations. And I hope you will add to the collection! This resource will place new items in your backpack. Those items will help you along your journey, and they will help you help others! As you provide, you will also receive, and your backpack will continue to grow. It is a beautiful cycle!

3. Sharing Stories Lightens Loads

Be a generous traveler. Look around you. See others and try to envision their adventure through their eyes. Ask questions, discover stories, and be willing to share your own. Be ready to open your backpack so that you can give and receive. When developing presentation skills, don’t worry about the pack becoming too heavy. The sharing of stories lightens the load. It allows us to give and receive grace—to share and gain wisdom. And this graceful wisdom is like helium for our loads—lifting the weight—lifting us!

sharing stories of developing presentation skills

It is good to know that the journey does not have to be a lonely one. You have shareable resources, so you can both give and receive help. Stories lighten the load, so you can feel free to speak of your journey and learn from the experiences of others. Remember these things as you are developing your presentation skills.

One way to do this it to keep reading this blog and sharing your stories in the comments.

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