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Big Presentations In Small Rooms: What To Expect From The Blog

The white stripes on the road continue to roll by as our Honda Accord cruises under the sign welcoming us to New Mexico.  Texas is in the rearview mirror.  Kelle and I are on our way to deliver a Sheepadoodle from Dallas, Texas to Linden, California.  Weird.  The Pandemic of 2020 placed us on trajectories never expected.  A year ago, I would have laughed at the prediction that Kelle and I would consider starting a transport business as a side gig. 

Big Presentations In Small Rooms: What To Expect From The Blog

A cemetery just flashed by on the north side of interstate 40.  Cedars forming a decorative fence lean east.  The proof of the wind from the west is seen in their posture.  We are headed west, proof of the winds of change.  Life changed.  We adapted. 

But this blog predates all of that.

The History of Big Presentations

This blog and an upcoming book began to take shape in the fall of 2019.  A that time, I was busy facilitating leadership development classes for municipalities.  Part of my work involved training leaders to guide people in small rooms to consider new information and new perspectives. 

I noticed a gap in popular literature.  No one was focusing on Big Presentations in Small Rooms.  A resource like that would have been helpful for me.  Perhaps I could provide what I wish had been available.  The 2020 calendar was filling up nicely, but I knew that I could set aside time in the early mornings and on weekends.  I hoped I would have enough time to finish the book within the next few years.

And then, on March 13, 2020, my calendar suddenly opened up.  My inbox was full of cancellations and postponements that would later become cancellations.  It was a stressful time.  And it created an opportunity.  Since then, I have been developing content that will be released on this blog and even more content that will be included in the book.

What to Expect from Big Presentations

As you continue to read the blog, you will enjoy stories, be intrigued by research, and learn from the experiences of seasoned presenters.  The blog and the book will equip you to make Big Presentations in Small Rooms.

What to Expect from Big Presentations



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